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Sunday Sermon

October - December 2018


Speaker: Bro. Lewis Rouse

14th October, 2018

Theme: "Remembering All His Benefits"

Psalms 103: 1-8

Jeffrey Neptune December 2017.jpg

Speaker: Bro.Jeffrey Neptune

21st October, 2018

Theme: "Acceptable Worship" 

Hebrews 12: 28-29

Daniel Ross 1.jpg

Speaker: Bro. Daniel Ross

28th October, 2018

Theme: "Christ Is The Answer"

Ephesians 2: 12

Oliver Finlay 2.jpg

Speaker: Bro. Oliver Finlay

25th November, 2018

Theme: ""Ask Jesus A Question"

John 4: 1-16

Daniel Ross 2 2018 2.jpg

Speaker: Bro. Daniel Ross

16th December, 2018

Theme: "Are you connected Vertically?"

Luke 2: 25

Allan Neptune web.jpg

Speaker: Bro. Allan Neptune

30th December, 2018

Theme: "Authentic Christian Conduct"

2 Peter 1: 1-8

Ralph Dowden Guyana_edited.jpg

4th November, 2018

Speaker: Bro. Ralph Dowden

Theme: Love" 

Luke 10: 25-37

Johnell Mitchell Web November 2018_edite

11th November, 2018

Speaker: Bro. Johnell Mitchell

Theme:  "Wholeness Through Brokeness"

Psalms 34: 18-19

Allan Neptune web.jpg

18th November, 2018

Speaker: Bro. Allan Neptune

Theme: "The Supreme Relationship" 

Mark 14: 32-36

Jeffrey Neptune December 2017.jpg

9th December, 2018

Speaker: Bro. Jeffrey Neptune

Theme: " Power" 

John 10: 17-18


23rd December, 2018

Speaker: Bro. Ronald Simon

Theme: " The Baby Is Here" Galatians 4: 4

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