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The Women's Ministry has been one of the most constant ministries of the Assembly. Meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of the Month at the Church building and via Zoom on the 3rd Sunday with Prayer Meeting on the 3rd Saturday at 6.00 a.m.

For 2017, the sisters formed themselves into three groups, each having responsibility for a particular month. The groups are encouraged to plan events and activities which will seek to foster unity among the sisters, increase fellowship, Bible Study and prayer habits. 

There are over 30 sisters who make up the various groupings. Please stay tuned to this page for updates on the various activities of the groups and the women's ministry, in general. 

Annual Calendar Dates:

* Last Saturday in May - Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast

* Last Thursday in August - Annual Sisters' Anniversary Programme

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Join us for our 53rd  Sisters Anniversary Programme

Thursday 31st August 2022 at 7. 00 p.m. live and streamed via the Zoom Platform

Theme: "People Need the Lord"

Click Here for Details!



Please see Video Here!



Sisters' 50th Anniversary Programme Celebrations

August 27th, 2020


This Event was held remotely for one night only - Thursday 27th August 2020

View Programme Items Here!

Recorded Programme Here!

Thank you for Joining us for our 53rd Sisters Anniversary Programme


Thursday 31st August 2023

at 7.00 p.m. 

at the Calivigny Gospel Hall in St. George's, Grenada

and via the Zoom Platform:

Please see details of previous Anniversary Programmes below.

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Past Events 2019/2018

49th Sisters Anniversary Programme

August 29, 2019

The 49th Sisters' Anniversary Programme was held on Thursday 29th August, 2019, under the Theme "God Will Make A Way". During the programme, the 50th Anniversary Celebrations was launched under the Theme "Give Thanks". Please stay tuned for information regarding this grand celebration, scheduled for August 23rd - 29th, 2020.

6th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast

May 25, 2019

The 6th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast was convened on Saturday 25th May, 2019, hosted by the Calivigny Gospel Hall. The Breakfast, which is an Annual Event held on the last Saturday of May, is sponsored by the Women of the Gospel Hall Assemblies of Grenada, who prepare the Breakfast and all logistics for the event. This year's event, was convened under the Theme, "Let Go and Let God", with the supporting scripture verse

from Philippians 4: 6. With 150 women in attendance, the Breakfast was ably chaired by

Sis. Caron Neptune (Calivigny); with Inspirational Message from Sis. Molly Gilbert  (Perdmontemps); Opening Prayer - Sis. Venita Bubb (Crochu); Special Solo - Sis. Shatonya Noel (Calivigny); Testimonies - Sis. Matilda George (La Digue); Sis. Veronica Charles (Vendome Pentecostal); Sis. Cicely Gabriel/Sis. Simone Gabriel (Perdmontemps); Sis. Marcelle Mitchell of the Host Assembly (Calivigny), gave the vote of thanks and closed in prayer. It was a lovely time of prayer, praise and worship by women from all walks of life. The sisters of the Calivigny Gospel Hall are grateful to all for their kind and prayerful support. We thank the Lord for His blessings and trust that those in attendance were truly blessed. The 7th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast will be convened, Lord willing, on Saturday 30th May, 2020, hosted by the Crochu Gospel Hall. Click Here for the Programme; Click Here for the Theme song; Praise and Worship and Background Songs. Please see Photos on the photo strip located on the Home Page.

Evening of Fellowship and Fun

April 12, 2019

The Sisters of Group III hosted an evening of Fellowship and Fun, with participation by Sisters from the Crochu and Laura Assemblies, likewise the Marian Sanctuary of Praise and other denominations. Those in attendance shared testimonies and prayer blessings, fun games and received an Inspirational Message from Sis. Janice James. The evening's proceedings was chaired by Sis. Karleen Bowen, with prayer by Sisters Caron Neptune and Venetia Bubb.  It was a beautiful time of fellowship, as the sisters worshiped the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

Community Visitation

March 17, 2019

The Sisters' of Group II, arranged a visit to an Elderly  member of the Community, and spent some time bringing cheer, with choruses, prayer, inspirational message and a gift basket of fruits and condiments.

The sisters were very well received and were happy to chat and interact with the Resident, whilst receiving great wisdom from long ago and fond memories to think on.

Hat-Making Class

March 10, 2019

Sisters of Group II convened a Hat-Making Class on Sunday 10th March, 2019, hosted by Sis. Claire Banfield, who was also the Instructor. The Group of Sisters are now able to create their own headpieces using netting and a rose!

Thanks to the Instructor and those who participated. It was a lovely time of fellowship and an opportunity to exercise our creative talents.

Please click here for Hat-Making Recipe!

Health Walk

January 18, 2019

Sisters of Group 3, on Friday 18th January, 2019, organised a Health Walk from the Church to Egmont Point, followed by Roasting of Marshmellows and Corn. It was a beautiful Moonlit night and a lovely evening of fellowship.

Christmas Get-together and Hamper Distribution

December 23, 2018

The Month of December was the responsibility of Group 2, and the following events were held:

1. Christmas Hamper Distribution to two members of the Community

2. Christmas Get-together with reflections and thoughts on "If Jesus Came to Your House for Christmas"

Flower Power

October 20, 2018

Sisters' of Group 3 hosted an Event entitled "Flower Power", aimed at beautifying the surroundings of the Church yard.

During the early hours of Saturday morning 20th October, following the monthly Sisters' Prayer Meeting, Sisters Marjorie Strachan, Keturah Alexander, Claudette Rouse, Ruth Rouse, Mahera Nelson, Karleen Bowen and Shatonya Noel,  joined by Elder Bro. Ronald Simon, planted a variety of flowers around the roadside perimeter of the building,. 

Thanks to those who donated towards this venture and also to Bro. Jonathan Charles, who prepared the ground on the Friday evening before.

48th Annual Sisters' Anniversary Programme

August 30, 2018

Thank you for attending and participating in the 48th Annual Sisters' Anniversary Programme which was convened on Thursday 30th August, 2018 at 7.00 p.m. at the Calivigny Gospel Hall.  It was an evening of special songs, poetry, skits, held under the Theme "Let the Gospel Light Shine Out". - with participation from the women of the Gospel Hall Assemblies of Grenada (La Digue, Crochu, Perdmontemps, St. George's) and the Sanctuary of Praise, Marian. The Event was chaired by Sis. Dorothy Samuels of the Calliste Berean Bible Church.


Please Check for Photos on the homepage.

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Theme Song:

"Let The Lord Have His Way"

(c) Bensonsound

Theme Song "Shine" - Calivigny Gospel Hall Sisters' Choir
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"Let the Gospel Light Shine Out" - Calivigny Gospel Hall Sisters' Choir
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"Jesus the Light of the World" - Calivigny Gospel Hall Sisters' Choir
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5th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast

May 26, 2018

On Saturday 26th May, 2018, the 5th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast was convened at the Grenada Red Cross Centre, Upper Lucas Street, St. George's. The Annual Event, sponsored by the Women of the Gospel Hall Assemblies of Grenada, was this year, hosted by the St. George's Gospel Hall. It was a beautiful morning of worship, prayer, praises and sharing, with over 120 women (from various churches and walks of life), in attendance.

The Inspirational Message was given by Sis. Priscilla Hopkin of the La Digue Gospel Hall and the Event was chaired by Sis. Marjorie Strachan of the Calivigny Gospel Hall. Kindly click on the Theme "Positioned for Blessings", for the full programme.

Photos available on the Home Page Photo Strip.

Prayer Breakfast History:

1st - Caivigny - 2014

2nd - Crochu - 2015

3rd - Perdmontemps - 2016

4th - La Digue - 2017

5th - St. George's - 2018 

The 6th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast will be convened on Saturday 25th May, 2019, hosted by the Calivigny Gospel Hall.

Movie - Mountain Top

April 22, 2018

Sisters' Group 3 hosted the Movie "Mountain Top on Sunday 22nd April 2018.

Sometimes, the best place to see the future is on a mountain top. That's where lawyer turned preacher Mike Andrews (McLaughlin) life changed, and he has no intention of going back. The last thing he wants to do is return to the courtroom and represent an eccentric old man whose mind is filled with obscure visions and confusing dreams. But when Sam Miller's (Corbin) visions get personal, Mike discovers there are paths that lead higher than earthly mountains. And roads more dangerous than an icy hairpin turn on a moonless night. Coby Ryan McLaughlin and Barry Corbin lead an all-star cast including Lin Shaye, Valerie Azlynn, Bob Gunton and Rachel Hendrix in this exciting legal thriller based on the best-selling novel by Robert Whitlow.

"The Dorcas Ministry"

March 18, 2018

Sisters of Group II hosted the Launch of the Dorcas Ministry on Sunday 18th March, 2018. Items of Clothing, etc. were donated and selected to share with each other and those in need. The Dorcas Ministry will continue, with boxes placed at the Church for donations and retrieval of items as the need arises. Thanks to all sisters and donors for your kind participation and support. 

"Evening of Praise"

March 11, 2018

The Sisters of Group II, hosted an Evening of Praise", on Sunday 11th March, 2018, where sisters from the Calivigny , Perdmontemps and Crochu Assemblies, took time out to praise and thank the Lord for His goodness in so many ways.


The sisters present were given the Character of a Bible Woman, whom they were asked to describe and what her life meant to them in their christian walk. The Testimonies were interspersed with audiovisual worship hymns by women singers. We give praise and thanks to the Lord for His bountiful goodness and the refreshments provided at the conclusion of the event.

The Programme was chaired by Sis Ruth E Rouse, with Welcome and Prayer by Sis Marcelle Mitchell. Review by Sis Agnes Lewis and Closing Remarks by Sis Donalyn Modeste. 

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"Because He Lives" - 5th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast
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Past Events 2017

Saturday 25th November, 2017

Sisters' "Learn to Cook III"

The Sisters of Group 2, on Saturday 25th November, 2017, hosted the third such event for the year, "Sisters' Learn to Cook". The session was conducted under the guidance of "Sister Chefs Amanda, Donalyn and Marcelle. The items prepared were Beef Patties and Sausage Rolls, which were donated to the Sunday School Reunion 2018 Fundraising Effort. On the Spur of the Moment, with the leftover ingredients, Sis Marcelle whipped up a beautiful cake and Quiche Lorraine, then shared by those in attendance, along with a beautiful glass of limonade prepared by Sis Laurian with lemons from the garden nearby. Young Olivia and Myesha also assisted in the preparation of the Dessert items, and Elder Ronald Simon dropped by to encourage and learn a "beat or two"!

Sincere appreciation to all those in attendance and who contributed to the success of the session, which was indeed a beautiful and productive afternoon, as the Sisters enjoyed sweet fellowship and the beauty of knowing the Lord.

Sunday 17th September, 2017

Movie Presentation - "God's Compass"

Movie Presentation by Sisters of Group 3, with welcome by Sis Wendy George and Closing by Sis Marjorie Strachan. GOD’S COMPASS demonstrates, the Lord’s universal Truth, that no matter what we face in life there is a greater force, a greater wisdom that guides us when we follow God’s Plan for our life, our “True NORTH.”


After 3 years the Water’s family is still struggling with the loss of a devoted husband, ISAAC, for SUZANNE and a loving father to DAVID.


Healing comes to both through a miraculous encounter with a 16-year-old, ELI. A juvenile delinquent, Eli has been running from foster care and the law in order to stay together with his sister, NAOMI. Eli steals cars to make ends meet.

The Waters and Eli’s lives first intersect when JESSICA, David's wife and soon to be mother, is driving home from Suzanne Waters’ retirement party. Jessica suddenly pulls over in an abandoned side of town because she is having severe, premature contractions. Eli sees the BMW and decides to steal it, but when he breaks in, he discovers, Jessica. Faced with a decision, he chooses to risk his arrest by taking her to the hospital, saving her life and the baby’s.


At the hospital an officer recognizes Eli and arrests him, starting the journey that crashes his life into the Waters’ family.


Suzanne must trust God’s “Calling” and risk the security of her retirement. David faces a choice between family and advancing his career. Jessica needs to hold the grace that can only come from trusting God’s Will for her new born baby and Eli must stop running and accept that he deserves to be loved.


By following God’s direction Suzanne realizes there is no retiring in God’s Kingdom. She champions a path to help Eli, which will uncover the miraculous blessing Isaac Waters never revealed before his passing. A strong bond forms between David and Eli, both having lost their fathers, which illuminates Isaac’s blessing, bring healing to the family and hope to Eli and Naomi.


The truth revealed brings the reassurance that our God has a plan for everyone’s life, our TRUE NORTH.  Watch Trailer - 

Thursday 31st August, 2017

47th Sisters' Anniversary Programme

The Sisters at Calivigny celebrated their 47th Annual Sisters' Anniversary Programme on Thursday 31st August, 2017, under the Chairmanship of Sis Hazel Hopkin, of the La Digue Assembly. The Event was committed to the Lord in Prayer by Sis Caron Neptune, with Welcome Address by Sis Marjorie Strachan and Closing Remarks by Sis Sherma Ross. The Programme included four Special Songs by the Calivigny Sisters Choir - I've Anchored In Jesus; Till The Storm Passes By; I've Anchored My Soul In the Haven of Rest; Standing on The Solid Rock", a Skit (Anchored In Jesus), individual Solos and Poems, as well as participation from the other Brethren Assemblies on Island and Guest Appearances from the Morne Jaloux Church of God and Sis Dahliah Ross, visiting from Canada and a member of the Community. The Programme was convened under the Theme "Anchored in Jesus" and the uniform colour - yellow. 

To view a copy of the Programme - click on the link.

To view photographs, kindly go to the Home Page Photo Strip.

Choir Songs - Click Here.

Friday 30th June, 2017

Women's Retreat

Thanks to all Sisters who attended the Women's Retreat hosted by the Sisters Group Team 3 on Friday June 30th, 2017. We enjoyed four hours of rich fellowship with prayer, worship, singing, Bible Study and sharing ideas. With an introduction and welcome by Sis Marjorie Strachan, the evening's proceedings were ably chaired by Sis Karleen Bowen, with an exhortation on Prayer (ACTS) by Sis Claudette Rouse, The Word- Genesis 22 - Jehovah Jireh - Abraham's obedience to God when He asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac - presented by Sis Marcelle Mitchell, and general discussion on a number of topics, among them - marriage (how to know the right partner); how to know God's will for our lives - by residing in His Word, praying often, relying on His guidance, living our lives pleasing to Him.
We were all truly blessed.

Sunday 25th June, 2017

Women's Self-Defense Presentation

Senseis Joseph, Chase and Ratoo, conducted a women's self-defense seminar as one of the activities for the month of June 2017, presented by the Sisters of Group 3. Women in attendance received practical insights into self-preservation and protection when travelling alone,  securing their personal belongings, etc. Welcome and Introduction was given by Sis Mahera Strachan, Chorus Session by Sis Thyesha Paul and Vote of Thanks by Sis Marjorie Strachan. 

The Presentation was well-received by all in attendance and the Sisters at Calivigny were happy to share this event with the Sisters from the Perdmontemps Gospel Hall and the Morne Jaloux Church of God.

Click on the Photo for Video of the Proceedings.

Sunday 28th May, 2017

Talk on Women's Health

The sisters of Group 2, on Sunday 28th May, 2017, invited Nurse Jenny Bain-Thomas, of the Village of Marian, for a talk on Women's Health (Menopause), which was quite interesting and answered many questions the sisters fielded on the subject. Nurse Bain-Thomas was welcomed by Sister Amanda Redhead with a vote of thanks by Sister Thyesha Paul. 

It was felt that the  physical health of christians, in addition to the spiritual health, should be given  importance. 

Saturday 27th May, 2017

4th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast

On Saturday 27th May, 2017, the 4th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast was convened in the beautiful surroundings of the Mt St Ervans Retreat Centre, St Andrew. The Annual Event, convened by the women of the Gospel Hall Assemblies of Grenada, was this year, hosted by the La Digue Assembly. It was a beautiful morning of fellowship, prayer, discussion, praise, worship and sharing, with over 100 women (from various churches and walks of life), in attendance. 

The Inspirational Message was given by Sis Agnes Lewis of the Perdmontemps Gospel Hall and the Event was chaired by Sis Ruth Elizabeth Rouse of the Calivigny Gospel Hall. Kindly click on the Theme for the full programme:

"The Power of A Woman's Prayer". 

Prayer Breakfast History:

1st - Calivigny - 2014

2nd - Crochu - 2015

3rd - Perdmontemps - 2016

4th - La Digue   - 2017

The 5th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast is scheduled to be hosted by the St George's Assembly on 26th May, 2018.

Photos of the 4th Annual Women's Prayer Breakfast available on the Home page photo strip.

Sunday 21st May, 2017

Visit to the Dorothy Hopkin Center

The Sisters Group 2, arranged a visit to the Dorothy Hopkin Center at Tempe and donated items (toiletries) to the Residents (Presentation made by Sis. Denise Simon) and a Themed Cake to the Director and Staff (Presentation made by Sis Laurian Modeste) /Cake donated by (Sis. Venetia Bubb of the Crochu Assembly). Sis Marcelle Mitchell introduced the Group and the sisters were warmly welcomed by the Director of the Facility, Ms. Maureen Strachan. The visit included a Tour of the Facility and a time of singing and sharing with the Residents. It was a beautiful afternoon and all the sisters in attendance confessed how touched they were by the visit and how humbled they were, to see the care shown to the Residents by the staff. Several members of the Assembly contributed to the donated items and the sisters were grateful for the support. Bro. Allan Primus provided the transportation to the center.

Thursday April 13th, 2017

Sisters' Easter Retreat

The Sisters of Group 1, on Thursday April 13th, 2017, convened an Easter Retreat, from 8 p.m. to midnight. During the session,those present remembered the sacrifice our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ made on the Cross, for the sins of mankind, the agony He suffered, and His Glorious resurrection. The Inspirational Message, in the form of an ACROSTIC, was given by Sis Marjorie Strachan, Study, thru Hymns, by Sis Claudette Rouse and Worship Leader, Sis Kareen Bernard. It was a great time of sharing, supplication, fellowship and study of the Word of God, which built us up on our most Holy Faith.

Sunday 12th March, 2017

Sisters' Learn to Cook II

The Sisters of Group 3, on Sunday 12th March, 2017, convened a "Sisters' Learn to Cook" Session. The Menu included Pin Wheel Sandwiches and Breadfruit Punch. Led by Sister Marjorie Strachan, 'Chef-in-Residence', the majority of sisters were indeed amazed to learn that a special type of sandwich loaf was to be placed on order from the bakery, in order to make the sandwich. Several sisters tried their hands at pasting and cutting the loaves and all enjoyed the finished product, together with breadfruit punch.

Recipe for Punch available at: 

Saturday 25th February, 2017

Sisters' Learn to Cook I

The Sisters Group 2 convened a "Sisters' Learn to Cook" Session on Saturday 25th February, 2017 - and on the menu - learn to make Conkies. Sis Janet Whint, was the Sister Chef, and all sisters present, were requested to join in some aspect of the preparation - from cutting bluggoe leaves in the garden and heating them at the stove, mixing the ingredients, placing the batter in the leaves, as well as tying the finished product and placing in the pot for steaming. The youngest member of the team was Myesha Mitchell, who also tried her hand at the task. On the spur of the moment, using the leftover coconut mash, sisters Judith Sylvester and Wendy George, spear-headed a quick bake of coconut drops, consumed later with gospo juice gleaned from a tree in the garden. The afternoon did achieve its aim, to fellowship in cooking, learning, sharing and basking in the glory of the Lord.

Kindly click on the Photo for full album.

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Sisters' 45th Anniversary Celebrations
August 23rd - 29th, 2015
Theme: "God Can Do It Again"
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